Foundry Operation

Our scientific manufacturing association is specialized in foundry manufacture on melted models of the allowed steels and cast iron. In particular for cement industry we produce a vast variety of high quality spare parts required for repairing and reconstruction. We produce everything required for repairing and modernization of any processing cement industry equipment. The items, most frequently ordered by cement factories: round and oval chains for the device of thermal veils of rotating furnaces, crampirons, racks, grid-irons, armor plates, and many others. Each production batch for cement factories is casted according to the individual order.

We use the unique technology to produce our casted chains that is why it is possible to apply any chemical composition of the alloys. Now we can offer chains with normal strength, such as oval chains and round chains with normal strength, and heat resistant chains oval and round. We can make chains with any size of a link and any quantity of links. The price for model depends on the steel grade.

Our enterprise cooperates for many years with well known cement factories located both in Russia and former CIS countries. We supply products for Evrocement company, Belgorod cement factory, all cement factories in Belarus, «Lavarche» company and JSC «Novoroscement».

The most important peculiarity of our production is its outstanding exploitation qualities, such as long lasting service life.

We have very good prospects to increase our productions and enlarge the list of products for cement industry. Currently we have 300 tons production output per month. We make the payment system the most flexible, depending on each order characteristics.

Our great experience and highly qualified specialists enabling us to release the product competitive with world famous producers. The unique production technology, worked out for many years, guarantees long exploitation period of our products.